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JACKPOT można z łatwością rozpoznać po kolorowej palecie, bogactwie wzorów łatwych do łączenia ze sobą, wysokiej jakości, unikalnych formach artystycznych, drukach, naturalnej stylistyce, naturalnych surowcach. Po prostu po skandynawskiej formie i treści. W ciągu roku Jackpot wprowadza 4 kolekcje. Myśl przewodnia dla kazdej z nich to: niepowtarzalność, artystyczna inspiracja, wyrazistosć, dynamizm. JACKPOT w Galerii Malta, Telefon: 61 658 11 62 

JACKPOT można z łatwością rozpoznać po kolorowej palecie, bogactwie wzorów ...
  • RUegHgiOD0 12-11-2013 g. 20:17:55
    Dear Mr Market,I have, in fact spent much of my hard earned saarly through working in the non-profit sector at the Cross Keys, as have many of my friends and family. I'm not at all a regular pub goer, but the Cross Keys has been so much more than a pub. It's hosted engagement parties, christenings, wakes, mothers day lunches and a place I as proud to take international visitors to as a lovely example of British culture. The staff were delightful and management always doing their best to make everyone feel welcome. Often the pub was so full we couldn't get a table. This isn't a matter of not having enough custom, but seems it's a matter of some individuals wanting to make some significant profit out of a historic public building. I'd love to see the maths; how much do you buy a public site like a pub for, and if this was sold as a private property, how much would the developers make? Please do help us to understand this, as I'd like to be convinced as to whether under the right ownership this pub would need to have non-profit status, or as I would imagine is the case whether it could operate as a well run business. I was curious to see that the Cross Keys shut down their business just ahead of the Jubilee long weekend. If they wanted the pub to be a profitable business, surely they would have kept it open to do a brilliant trade over that weekend when everyone was looking for someone to celebrate by the river. From where we are standing, it seems the owners don't want to maximise the potential of this piece of Chelsea history, but just make some profit out of it. Surely that is something the council can't allow. In the interest of protecting the history of the building and building local community in Chelsea, I hope they find new owners who will maximise its potential.
  • johnansaz 19-04-2022 g. 02:59:36
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